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Device Designer Overview

AnaSoft's DeviceDesigner is a first in Spice simulation. Traditionally, in legacy Spice simulation applications, users were forced to always use Spice as an analysis tool. That is, component values were chosen and then simulations were ran to see if the node voltages and device currents were at their desired values. The advanced DeviceDesigner feature of AnaSoft's SuperSpice sweeps away this restriction. DeviceDesigner allows device currents and voltages to be specified, and then have the values of resisters and mosfet sizes automatically determined and placed on the schematic. 

Device Designer Operation

Setting up a DeviceDesigner is simplicity in in itself.

1 Double click on wires, and set their designer voltage.

2a 1 Double click on resistors, and set their designer mode or designer current.


2b Double click on mosfets, and set their designer mode, designer current and set the option to determine either width or length.

3 Run the simulator in Design mode. The schematic will be automatically updated with the design results, as illustrated below.

4 Run a normal simulation to verify the accuracy of the designed values.

Example Design:

The following schematic shows a typical application of Device Designer.

Before a Device Designer run:


Note that the resisters can have any starting values, as these values are not used in the design run. Mosfets use either a specified gate width or length, with the unknown being determined by the design run..

Fig 2.

After the Device Designer run:

It can be seen that all resister values and mosfet widths have been calculated from the voltage and current specification, with the schematic automatically updated with these values.


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