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Features Table

Analysis Types

Single button enable/disable

Operating Point
DC Sweep
AC Sweep

Analysis Sweeps

Single and multiple value parameters
Worst Case
Monte Carlo
Full combinational runs from list of components with their values

Voltage, Current and Power Schematic Cross Probing

View all signals, without prior placement or specification.

Test Point Dragging to wire or pin or device
Alt-Click on wire, pin or device. Single click in probe mode
Signal List window click and ctrl click, adjacent to graph
Dialog check box set up for enable, gain and offset
Direct plotting of device variables such as gm, vds, vgs re, ro

Waveform Graph

Keyless and buttonless data readout of waveform values
Instant mouse drag zooming of waveform
Independent gain and offset for each signal
Manual or auto scaling
Log, linear or decade axis
Multiple independent axis scales for each signal
Graphs on schematic page, multiple graphs on graph or schematic pages.
Colour change on right click 
Display of external Spice data
Signal A plotted against Signal B
Calculator - add, subtract, division, multiply, group delay
Load and plot external standard Spice data files

Real Time

Marching waveforms - multiple waveforms displayed as the simulation progresses.
Start, pause/continue and abort the simulation
Components can be changed in value as the simulation progresses

File Access

Single button click.

Output file view/editor
Netlist file view/editor
Include file view/editor
Model  view/editor
Export to PCB layout systems

Model Management

Adding model files - Drag drop from Windows explorer
Adding model files - Right menu click on docked file browser
In view model view/editor
Paged model  view/editor
Model and Symbol search

Model Types

Bipolar, Includes GP and VBIC
Mosfet, includes BSim3v3, BSim4, Soi. Binning, and auto AD AS PD PS generation
Jfet, includes Parker-Skelleton.
R, C, L
Transmission lines
Voltage and current controlled switches
Arbitrary behavioral voltage and current sources
XSpice nonlinear/hysteretic magnetic cores and AnaSoft's propriety hysteretic nonlinear core.
Sine, square, triangle vcos, voltage controlled one-shots, limiters, hysteretics, integrators and differentiators
Laplace transform blocks
DC, Sine, Pulse, Piecewise Linear, Single frequency FM, and exponential current and voltage sources
Digital, nand, and, or, nor, ex-or, ex-nor, jk, d, general state machine, counters etc
Steinhart - Hart Thermister model, Exponential temperature model
Independent ac, dc, and transient resistance
Resistance as a function of sqrt(frequency) for inductor models

SuperSpice Special Models

Generic voltage mode power supply controller
Generic current  mode power supply controller
Generic supply limited behavioral op-amp
Generic supply limited comparator 
Generic supply limited Schmitt
Generic supply limited pulse width modulator

Auto Symbol and Model Generation

GUI Symbol editor
.subckt models automatically created from schematics
Symbols automatically created from .subckt models

Fully Integrated GUI

Fully docked/floating tabbed windows and customizable toolbars
Multiple pages and views
Multiple depth of schematic hierarchy
Copy and paste between schematics
Multiple tabbed main windows
Full window and tool bar saved on exit and restored on start
Simultaneous simulation of many schematics
Single click wiring
Floating label display of operating point and graph waveform values
Automatic back annotation of schematics with DC operating voltages and currents.
Copy waveforms and schematics to Windows clipboard
Double-click or "q" to access device setups.
Single key rotate, mirror and reflect.
Search on schematic for component, wire and models


Automatic insertion of A/D and D/A converters between digital and analogue nodes
Programmable A/D conversion voltage
Programmable D/A output resistance
Programmable A/D input capacitance


Operating point  worst case text reports
AC worst case text reports
DC worst case text reports
Transient worst case text reports

Waveform Analysis

Transient and DC Power
Pulse rise, fall, width period, 
Automatic RMS, RMS Ripple, Average, Peak-Peak

Special Features

Automatic Loop Gain plots
Automatic input and output impedance plots
Automatic Filter Design - Butterworth, Chebychev, Bessel, Gaussian
Electronic Equations - Quick and immediate calculation of electrical networks 

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