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A Freeware Media Player Specifically

Designed for Playing 

Live Performance Backing Tracks

"The playlist player that stops playing after each song played!"



OnStagePlayer Main Screen




OnStagePlayer is a windows media player extension specifically designed for the playing of backing tracks by musicians, using laptop PCs. OnStagePlayer solves the classic "non-stopping playlist" problem. 

Most, if not all media players such as mp3 hardware and software players, e.g. iPods, the standard Windows Media Player, mobile phones, etc, have no option where they can be prevented from automatically playing the next song in a playlist. This is sad news indeed for gigging musicians. Various techniques are used to alleviate this issue, but all have their short comings. For example, placing all songs in a folder of its own, or interspersing each song in a play list with a blank song of say, 30 seconds, in order to give the musician time to run back to the player and turn it off!

OnStagePlayer stops when reaching the end of a song. Furthermore,  OnStagePlayer can be set so that the next song in the playlist is automatically cued ready to play, such that the enter/return key can immediately start the next song.

OnStagePlayer also has extensive additional features for managing groups of playlists not available in other media players.

As of November 2019 - Lyric support has been added.  Standard *.lrc files including additional support for extended Unicode character sets for Unicode - UCS-2/UTF-16  files that has the extension *.lrcx.



The install now includes the full General Freeware License Password File

If you find the program useful, send  an email to Kevin Aylward at:




Main Features


All main commands such as stop, start, changing songs, changing playlists, volumes, moving to a specific point in a song, are available by direct keyboard keys.

Creating Playlists

Playlists can be created using standard Windows drag-drop functionality, e.g. by dragging songs from windows explorer.

Arranging Playlists

Mouse dragging or ctrl-arrow, to move, copy and remove grouplists, playlists or songs.

Auto Advance

OnStagePlayer can be configured to automatically advance to the next song in a play list, ready to start playing on the next start key.

Auto Play/Repeat

And of course, auto play is available when required. A song section can be marked and automatically replayed to aid in learning specific sections of a song.

Playlist Time Calculations

OnStagePlayer will automatically calculate and display the time length of each song and the total playlist time. Additionally, a "dead time" between songs can be  automatically added allowing for a more accurate calculation of the time it will take to complete a real, live performance.


Standard *.lrc lyric files are supported. Lyrics can be displayed either as a docked or a floating window. Font size and dynamic male, female, duo colours are also supported.

Modern GUI

The graphical user interface of OnStagePlayer is modern, and utilises all the niceties of movable docking windows and customisable toolbars.  The window positions  can be arranged as desired and are automatically saved and restored on restart of OnStagePlayer .


Windows Media Player

OnStagePlayer embeds the Microsoft Windows Media Player into its main frame, and as such, OnStagePlayer includes Windows Media Player Technology. WMP 11 or higher, from Microsoft must also be installed for OnStagePlayer to function.



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